We work with a dynamic team with a broad range of skills.


Opulen and the partners we work with have bought, developed and sold substantial amounts of property in good times and in bad. We are experienced. Due to our profile within the industry, we constantly receive good opportunities and know what we are looking for.

We have invested heavily in building relationships with our robust network. We work with highly talented and experienced land agents, planning consultants, architects, interior designers, project managers and JV partners.
Experience, hard work and strong relationships deliver investor returns. Our repetitive due diligence process has been refined with many years of valuable practice and we rigorously assess risk and returns.

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Matthew Siddell - Managing Director

Matthew Siddell at Opulen

Economics degree from University of Manchester

Qualified investment manager London and Jersey for 3 years

Left finance age 27 and started Kin

Traced missing heirs to unclaimed inheritance

Founded Opulen 2011

Principal and 100% owner of Opulen


Opulen is owned by Matthew Siddell who has been investing in property since 2001. Matthew is an experienced entrepreneur, property investor and property developer who has bought, developed and sold many millions of pounds worth of property. Matthew has also helped countless other people with their property related challenges. 

Matthew is a regular public speaker and the founder and host of PPN Knightsbridge, a joint venture with Progressive Property. Since it began in 2015, thousands of people have attended to listen to Matthew’s contacts discuss a variety of entrepreneurial and property related topics some of which have been filmed and can be viewed here.

Matthew is also the founder and host of our property developers club Quorum which gives investors, developers and professionals the opportunity to collaborate, share contacts and knowledge, and massively accelerate their progress.

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A limited number of internships are available for the right candidates.
We offer periods of up to 3 months for candidates looking to gain experience in the following departments:


•  Research
•  Acquisitions
•  Marketing


Please send your CV and cover letter to hello@opulen.co.uk

OpulenPro is the Development Management arm of our operations. Teams of project managers, architects and interior designers take projects from concept to completion.

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PPN Knightsbridge is our monthly networking event with lots on offer. Expert speakers give inspirational presentations and share their secrets. During the networking breaks and post presentation drinks delegates connect and share deals and investment opportunities.

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