Benefits of Property

Number 1 - Security
Hedge against inflation - rents and house prices rise with inflation
Asset class to store or create wealth
Income producing
Pension replacing

Reasons People Don't Buy Property

Lack of money Fear – “I’m going to lose all my money!”
Lack of education / knowledge
Lack of time
Absence of a suitable experienced partner
Lack of good deals
Lack of action

Managing Risk

Buy in good areas
Buy property you can improve and add value to
This margin gives you downside protection
Always include a contingency
Use debt to boost returns but not too much
Manage refurbishment costs by instructing builders correctly (see below)

Instructing Builders Guide

Cast the net wide to find the right builder
Work with good builders repeatedly but never exclusively
Request feedback with tenders to find missing items
The progamme should be a fixed number of weeks with expenses for that number of weeks only
Penalties for overruns
Agreed and capped overheads & profit
Reasonable attendance to keep everything within the contract
Use the right contract
Check insurances and rates carefully before you start


Credibility – track record and good reputation
Return – above inflation and opportunity cost
Exit – clearly defined, ideally more than one
Security – property in your name / charge / restriction
Trust – do business with good people

Credit Progressive Property

Buying Well Guide

Make money by improving, adding value and market growth Remember - you make your money when you BUY.

Favourable circumstances
Solid appraisal
Act fast
A clear strategy with a back up plan
Not too much debt - room to manoeuvre
Incentivised team!
Know who you are bidding against.